4th Street Studios and Victorian Greenhouse

In 2017 we purchased this historic property, home of the original Laramie Floral. This house (build in 1915), barn (built in 1920), the vintage Lord and Burnham Greenhouse (built in 1926) and florist shop / now art studio (built in 1945) is coming back to life!

Now it is a place for René to create artwork, collaborate with artists, host community events and a place to entertain friends and enjoy living on the edge of downtown Laramie.

Shop online or request a time to shop in the studio.  The studio is primarily a working studio for René’s work and the home of Science Loves Art, a nonprofit founded by René.  This is our quirky place where we do something different every day.  

We’ve already spent tons of time clearing trees, cleaning up weeds, removing decaying wood, painting and cleaning.  More work to do!

René and David

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