Bookmaking Kits: Part 1

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This bookmaking kit includes simple supplies that will introduce you to the world of handmade books. This series is about the pamphlet book style. This style can be used to create complicated books and more exterior design options. Once you've learned the basics of this process, you will begin to find materials with texture and color that you can recycle. Recycling materials for bookmaking creates more interest when you can add fabrics, papers, textures and materials. We will continue to inspire you through our videos and images we post on Instagram and FB.

Materials included in your handy boxed kit includes materials to make 4 books.

Card stock for your covers (2 large, 2 small)
Paper for your pages (creates 10 pages large books and 6 pages small books)
3 colors of string for binding your books (6 strands. Pull to separate into 3 strands)
Hand marbled paper created from Science Loves Art's Marbling Kit
1 needle
1 ruler
1 gluestick
1 wood stick
Recycled cardboard

Optional: Retractable razor knife (select at checkout)

Additional supplies (optional):
Paints, pens to decorate your books
More recycled paper, cardstock, fabric to make more books!

Shipping and studio pickup options available.

Detailed instructions video available on our Science Loves Art's YouTube channel. More videos available and coming!

Have fun as you enjoy this fun and simple technique that works great for books of all sizes!

Please give us your feedback on our FB page or Instagram. We'd love to see photos!
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