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Paint Pour Kits - create over 7 pieces of artwork!

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Paint Pour Kits... fun for all ages!
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Paint Pour Kits created with our own special recipe that uses science to create amazing paint pour results! Color theory, liquid dynamics and exploration through discover are just a few traits of this creative kit.

These kits make awesome gifts and create several pieces of artwork per kit. Great for art parties.

Check out Science Loves Art's YouTube channel for instructional video. Every kit purchased helps Science Loves Art support their mission to bring art and science to the isolated corners of the world!

Each kit includes:

Pre-made paint pour paint: Primary colors + white
Glass beaker for layering your paints
Round wooden coasters and canvases for your paint pour projects
Wooden sticks and paper cups for mixing your own colors
SLA color wheel and recipes for mixing your own colors
Adhesive magnets
Tin container to contain your artwork while it dries

Written instructions and links to YouTube video resources

Free curbside pickup available at 4th Street Studios in Laramie.

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