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Suminagashi Marbling Kit is appropriate for anyone ages 6 to 96 🙂 Great for parties, entertaining kids and team building events! We provide enough paper and and ink for up to 16 applications! Experiment with your own paper if you have extra ink.

Learn the ancient craft of Japanese Suminagashi with our comprehensive portable kit that can go anywhere.

Inspired by the shapes of movements of microbes.

Marbling Kit includes:

-2 Paint Brushes

-Foil Tin (for water)

-Paint Palette

-6 Japanese Inks (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black)

-Color Wheel

-Japanese Rice Paper (for printing)

-(4) Greeting Cards

-Instruction manual including details about our Microbe inspiration, the science behind the art and the history of Japanese Marbling

Additional materials not included:


-Paper Towel

-Glue Stick or Rubber Cement

We suggest beginning this activity inside. The wind will alter results but experimenting outdoors is encouraged!

Free curbside pickup available at 4th Street Studios in Laramie.

*Check out our tutorial here before you begin!

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