About the studios

4th Street Studios joins René Williams Art and Science Loves Art.

My husband and I recently purchased this historic downtown property after searching for many years for the perfect place for our vision.  The property has 4 existing structures that are in big need of alot of work!  We’ve done this before with properties and look forward to creating a space for artists, scientists and our community!

greenhouse 4th st
1940 Greenhouse coming back to life

The “studio” was built in 1950 and has been a florist shop, a beauty salon and a tanning salon.  The perfect downtown location for easy access to the community and the heart of Laramie.

Eventually we will get the greenhouse (built in 1940) and the barn (built in 1930) updated and ready for friends and events, a place to make art, hang out and have fun.

The studio will be an important tool in a project that I was recently awarded as the artist for the outreach portion of a $20 million grant received from the National Science Foundation.  Microbes are the topic and this will be a fun project!  First on the list… wine and cheese making.

Contact us anytime!