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Garden and fermenting time!

Our little urban garden oasis is still making changes in Laramie Wyoming!  In March, when the snow was still flying, the lavender and succulents were reaching for the sun in the greenhouse.  Because I’m a big DIYer and an experimenter, I had these big questions as I pondered planting seedlings and working in the garden.

  1. Is buying garden soil, compost and fertilizer from the nursery really the best thing for my garden/me?  Exactly where is the soil from? 
  2. Why should soil be sterilized when there are billions and trillions of microbes that could be harnessed.  
  3. What EXACTLY  is this compost made from?
  4. Are these freighted in garden supplies the best for my backyard ecosystem?

I’m NOT a scientist, but as an artist on the UW Microbe Project, my life and work has drastically changed as this project coincides with my increased desire to garden (remodeled the old Victorian greenhouse).  

I’m in love with making water kefir and after 1 season of preparing fermented foods like limes, ginger beer, fruit and microbe beer for my garden, I’m realizing that the water kefir, being a strong Lactic Acid Bacteria, is PERFECT for my garden and will last for years.  Just like it nourishes my gut in amazing ways, it will bring balance and diversity to my garden. 

So… watch along as I experiment using my greenhouse and microscope to visually compare what research is telling us.  I’ll try to keep the blog up, but for those of you really interested in some of my experiments, follow along Instagram and FB as well.  

One last thought… you guys know about Kombucha… everyone knows about Kombucha… but no one knows about water kefir.  Well, read this article I found that compares the two drinks and their benefits.

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Time for winter at 4th Street Studio and Urban Greenhouse

This has been an exciting year as we were able to finish the renovation on our 1915 home located on the property with the studio, barn and the greenhouse. In case you just found us, I’ll catch you up real quick.

In 2017 we purchased this awesome property from the grandson of the original owner. The property has had many good years but recently was truly neglected with renters and tons of dogs scratching up the floors, plants in pots creating stains on the beautiful wooden floors and weeds and cigarette butts and an abandoned car in the back courtyard. My husband and I LOVE bringing these places back to life so the vision began. See before pics on our VISION page.

Today, November 2020, the barn is heated and completely renovated and a 2nd hang out area. The greenhouse is full of succulents, lavender and herbs and is heated year round. The studio finally has the curb appeal that it deserves and is a great place for a little bit of retail and I finally have an area set up for my metalsmithing. Science Loves Art has a place to assemble, store and distribute art kits.

As I move into a place without as much construction projects, it is exciting to bring more artists to our online shop and to put some of my projects on the shop. I’m loving concrete, metal and glass on small scale so looking forward so some fun projects to share with our online friends.

This month is filled with some fun projects and gift ideas from the garden and studio and will be sharing more videos and creating more art kits.

Keep in touch friends!


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This week at the studio

Summer is coming to an end in Wyoming and we are scrambling to get everything done before the snow flies!  A new fence and a new greenhouse roof are next, oh and painting the barn!

Art in the studio is still an option and we were happy to host some Art On Demand groups this week.  Everyone has their own inspiration for their glass piece and our recycled glass (compatible tested)  options make for endless options.

2018-02-20 11.18.05

As school gets ready to start, we look forward to hosting more Friday night events, Art on Demand for groups and friends and more tours of the property.

Keep in touch on Facebook and email us anytime you have a question or idea!

2018-02-14 11.03.09

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History through architecture

As we renovate the 4th Street Properties, we discovered some old photos of the greenhouse and the retail shop that was Laramie Floral (originally built in 1926 and  1947. Check out these photos.  We are so thankful that Rudolph Peterson, owner of Laramie Floral and owner of these properties which it appears he inherited from his father.  He took such great care of this property and had the funds to build an amazing, solid greenhouse structure.  The 3 foot concrete base walls and solid steel frame will allow us to recreate something cool to share with Laramie… a downtown urban garden!

As we move forward with our projects here, we would love any photos, history or stories about this property and the Peterson family.


studio florist shop
Laramie Floral possibly in the 1970s.  Since then it has been a leather tannery, a suntan shop and several beauty/barber shops.

2017-07-27 09.27.46
The greenhouse in the 1970s?  The shed was removed years ago.  

2017-07-27 09.30.43
Based on the size on the tree out front, this may be taken in the 1950s or 1960s.

painted studio july 2018
Partially renovated art studio.  This week we are finishing up the paint and hope to have a new awning before next summer. 


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Summer at the Studios!

This summer is BUSY at the 4th Street Studios!  The “Studios” include an art studio, a barn and a greenhouse.  We are getting construction done before the snow falls, beginning new science, art and gardening collaborations that are community based, and having fun hosting children groups (and even traveling) so we can experience art and science with communities.

We look forward to opening up the barn and the greenhouse for a fall open house and begin planting a fall garden!  We want this place to be for community as much as possible, so if you want to come play or enjoy art or garden workshop/events, let us know!


Check out our Art on Demand Menu for 24/7 art options for community!  Glass fusing and more.