Time for winter at 4th Street Studio and Urban Greenhouse

This has been an exciting year as we were able to finish the renovation on our 1915 home located on the property with the studio, barn and the greenhouse. In case you just found us, I'll catch you up real quick. In 2017 we purchased this awesome property from the grandson of the original owner.… Continue reading Time for winter at 4th Street Studio and Urban Greenhouse

History through architecture

As we renovate the 4th Street Properties, we discovered some old photos of the greenhouse and the retail shop that was Laramie Floral (originally built in 1926 and  1947. Check out these photos.  We are so thankful that Rudolph Peterson, owner of Laramie Floral and owner of these properties which it appears he inherited from… Continue reading History through architecture

Summer at the Studios!

This summer is BUSY at the 4th Street Studios!  The "Studios" include an art studio, a barn and a greenhouse.  We are getting construction done before the snow falls, beginning new science, art and gardening collaborations that are community based, and having fun hosting children groups (and even traveling) so we can experience art and… Continue reading Summer at the Studios!

Building and design…4th Street Studios up next!

Summer at the 4th Street Studios will be a big one! I've loved remodeling houses and designing unique features. In 2002 after living in France, we bought a house and I expanded my love for architecture and design by completely remodeling our house and adding a studio/workshop and 1,000 square feet of living space.  Learning… Continue reading Building and design…4th Street Studios up next!