About the VISION

About the vision for the STUDIOS:

Living in Wyoming is awesome and the community and outdoor life is amazing.  Organizing the 4th Street Studios has been a dream of ours for so long.

A little background….  I was a CPA living the life in a big city with my husband and our 3 young boys when David had this crazy idea… sell everything including my CPA practice and move to France for a year.  It was amazing and for the first time in my life I wasn’t working at an 8-5 job but I was learning about art, architecture and cooking.

After France, we moved to Wyoming and it was such a similar lifestyle to what we had in France.  Slow, enjoy life, ride bikes everywhere, go for a hike, a ski, grow a garden and enjoy community.

I began remodeling our house, creating concrete countertops, built myself a studio and starting playing with art.  As I was hired for interior design and art commissions, I wanted more so began my journey to my BFA.

Architecture is my passion, but so is nature and organic material.  I’m drawn to science and how it works and how it looks.  It inspires my art and merging architecture and nature has been possible with some of my recent work.

Creating Science Loves Art with some science collaborators during a 1 year grant was so much fun.  Science Loves Art has become a nonprofit and having 4th Street Studios as a place for science and art to call home is a dream come true!

Working with Wyoming scientists on the Micro Project is an amazing opportunity and I’m learning so much about the importance of microbes and their functions to continuing our health and environment.  More coming on this project!

See www.ScienceLovesArt.org  for details about the project.

Keep in touch and hope to hear from you!