Lavender Calendula Healing Everything Salve

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Made from our garden, greenhouse organic calendula, we infuse the plants over several months into grapeseed oil and add more healing oils to the final recipe.  This salve is so great on everything!  Lips, hair, cuticles and hands, sore dry knuckles and even save for babies and pets! (Great for dog booboos after a hike).  Don’t worry about putting this on your face either.  We’ve selected the perfect oils that are most compatible with our skin, so it will be gentle.

We use cocoa butter, infused calendula oil, sweet almond oil and lavender essential oils.  The smell of the salve is natural and subtle and not fragranced with manmade chemicals (this is what gives many of us headaches and allergies).

Once you try this salve you will not want to buy commercially made salves.  We love making this salve and will try to keep stocked.  We make all of our products in small batches to keep them as fresh as possible!

Poured fresh into a 2 ounce tin.

Hope you love it!

Weight 4 oz
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