“Citius” linoleum cut on paper by Sarah Konrad 8×8

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“Citius” Linoleum cut print on paper.  Select framed or unframed at checkout.

Sarah carves into linoleum and prints on paper using a printing press to create original lino-cut prints and artwork.

Sarah Konrad is a Laramie, Wyoming based Olympian, geologist, and artist. She uses linoleum cut printmaking to explore the juxtaposition of nature and sport, and is inspired by time outside, whether researching glaciers or exploring local trails on skis, bike, or running shoes. Working with linocut on a small scale challenges her to portray her subjects with few lines and fewer colors, a process that liberates her from her natural tendency to find perfection in an infinity of details.

She frames each of her prints with hand cut matting and high quality frames.

Sarah’s work has a large following by locals and collectors alike.

Learn more about Sarah Konrad on her FB page.

Sarah Konrad Art

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