DIY Salve Kit! Create over 6 items. Calendula Lavender Salve & Lavender Face Mist Kit! Companion video.FREE SHIPPING.

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Learn to infuse dried plants and oil into healing salves. Our Kit has everything you will need to make your own salves that repair and replenish faces and sensitive spots.  This salve is perfect for babies butts and reliefs sore joints too!  Gentle, calming and healing.

See description below for more details and the link to the companion video.

Free shipping!

Don’t want to make your own?  We make salves, lotions and body products from our greenhouse plants.

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With our latest DIY Spa Kit, you will be able to create over 6 items – save some and gift some! Learn the art of infusing oil and creating salves from your dried plants.

The Calendula Salve and Lavender Face Mist Kit PLUS calendula seeds and chapstick. We demonstrate in our video how to create all items in the Kit PLUS how to make salad dressing for dinner from your dried calendulas. Calendulas are magical!

What you will create:
(2) 2 oz calendula salve
(2) tubs for calendula chapstick
(2) 2 oz spray bottles with a starter of nourishing witch hazel for your lavender face and body spray
A packet of our own calendula seeds for your garden (feed the bees and dry your own calendula!)
Mason jar filled with our dried calendula flowers (for your infused oil) grown in our own garden and greenhouse!
Organic lavender essential oil (enough for your face mist AND your calendula salve

Learn how to infuse herbs (calendula) with oil in preparation for creating an organic salve. The calendula is from our garden. Handpicked calendula blooms are great and safe for our skin and in recipes. AND, you can also make your own tea.

The face mist portion of the kit is created with witch hazel, Organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oil and is great for refreshing your face, body (or pillow).



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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in


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