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Garden and fermenting time!

Our little urban garden oasis is still making changes in Laramie Wyoming!  In March, when the snow was still flying, the lavender and succulents were reaching for the sun in the greenhouse.  Because I’m a big DIYer and an experimenter, I had these big questions as I pondered planting seedlings and working in the garden.

  1. Is buying garden soil, compost and fertilizer from the nursery really the best thing for my garden/me?  Exactly where is the soil from? 
  2. Why should soil be sterilized when there are billions and trillions of microbes that could be harnessed.  
  3. What EXACTLY  is this compost made from?
  4. Are these freighted in garden supplies the best for my backyard ecosystem?

I’m NOT a scientist, but as an artist on the UW Microbe Project, my life and work has drastically changed as this project coincides with my increased desire to garden (remodeled the old Victorian greenhouse).  

I’m in love with making water kefir and after 1 season of preparing fermented foods like limes, ginger beer, fruit and microbe beer for my garden, I’m realizing that the water kefir, being a strong Lactic Acid Bacteria, is PERFECT for my garden and will last for years.  Just like it nourishes my gut in amazing ways, it will bring balance and diversity to my garden. 

So… watch along as I experiment using my greenhouse and microscope to visually compare what research is telling us.  I’ll try to keep the blog up, but for those of you really interested in some of my experiments, follow along Instagram and FB as well.  

One last thought… you guys know about Kombucha… everyone knows about Kombucha… but no one knows about water kefir.  Well, read this article I found that compares the two drinks and their benefits.