Who are we?

Who are these people making all those changes at that old house and barn?  That is a greenhouse under the trees and weeds?  The neighbors stop by and give us encouragement as we slowly breathe life into this property.  Located on the edge of downtown Laramie, we discovered property with a barn, greenhouse, commercial spot for the studio and an amazing house built in 1915.

Learn about our VISION for this property here.

Keep reading to find out how we got here and what we do.

We are a botanist and an artist couple that has been married for 30 years.  We love travel and adventure and all that comes with that.  Meeting friends, creating opportunities for community and creating experiences.  The 4th Street Studios is our passion at the moment and we are excited to create something special for Laramie and for our community!

A little background….  We gave up “the life” 18 years ago and moved from our crazy life in Tucson (where I owned a CPA practice and David was working towards tenure) to a small village in France with our 3 young boys.   We sold our house, cars and just about everything else.  That year my love for art, cooking, history and architecture came to life.

After France, we selected Wyoming as our home base because of the similar lifestyle to what we had in France.  David is a professor in the Botany Department at the University of Wyoming.  Slower pace, enjoy life, ride bikes everywhere, go for a hike, a ski, grow a garden and enjoy community.

I began remodeling our old house, creating concrete countertops, and David helped me build a small studio and experiencing art daily began!  As I was hired for interior design and art commissions and began my journey towards my BFA focusing on sculpture and metalsmithing.

Science Loves Art (our other passion) has become a nonprofit and having 4th Street Studios as a place for science and art to call home is a dream come true!

Working with Wyoming scientists on the Micro Projectis an amazing opportunity and I’m learning so much about the importance of microbes and their functions to continuing our health and environment.  Learn about Science Loves Art Kits we’ve created to bring science and art to anyone with access to mail delivery.

Keep in touch and hope to hear from you!

rene and david picRené (and David!)