Workshops and Open Studios

We are excited to open up our working artist studio to our community from time to time.   We’ve got a long list of work to be done at the studio/barn/greenhouse but we will try and open the doors as often as possible.  Sign up for a scheduled workshop or schedule your own with at least 6 participants.   See the events calendar for our schedule.


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Brief description of events we offer.  Schedule your own event with 5 or more people. 

Glass Fusing Workshop – Learn how to cut glass and use more of the tools and glass options.  $35 adult price. Everything included for a 2 hours session.  Workshop is prerequisite for Open Studio.

Open Studio –  See the MENU for details.  Schedule your own private Open Studio or come during our scheduled times.  Only pay for what you make. Prerequisite: Glass Fusing Workshop

If you are interested in hosting a party with your friends, use the contact form or message us on Facebook or email us and we will get something special organized for you.